Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Paint

Visit our site http://www.remarkablecoating.com/ for more information on Whiteboard Paint.ReMARKable™ is the amazing dry-erase coating that turns nearly any surface into a whiteboard. Our revolutionary ReMARKable™ Clear formula can be applied directly on top of a painted surface, turning it into a dry-erase surface without sacrificing your room’s décor. Choose ReMARKable™ White when a more traditional whiteboard look is desired. Either way, ReMARKable is perfect for offices, homes, schools and any other place where functional beauty is important. Plus, it’s safe, non-toxic and practically odor-free. With ReMARKable, you get a huge canvas without wasting paper or dealing with messy chalkboards or expensive white boards and dry-erase boards.


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